Friday, March 14, 2008

Taco Ring

Taco Ring...

2 packages of regular Pillsbury Crescent rolls
1 lbs of ground meat
1 package of Taco mix I use McCormick
Shredded Mexican cheese

Brown meat and drain really well. Add taco mix, to your liking..I use
the whole thing, add less if you want less spice. Add water a few table
spoons at a time.. You want the mix to dissolve, but now really runny.
If you end up with too much water, just kick up to high and cook some of
liquid out. Add a handful or two of cheese. Stir

For up rolls, and separate, they should be in the shape if a
triangle... you want it to look like this...
So about 2-4 inched from the middle is where you wanna start.. Lay triangle point
side out..Lay the next one, exactly opposite of first one, Like North, then South.
Then do the same East and West.. Continue, WNW, ENE, ESE, WSW, make your way around
the pan, overlapping as you go, As you layer then, use your hands or a floured
glass to flatten.. Continue using both packs of rolls.
Once both packs are used it should look like this... the circle in the middle should be bigger, but it comes out different every time I do it. LOL

Spoon meat mixture into the center all the way around of the rind...But leave center open..
like this...

Add more cheese on top
Then, you are going to basically, one by one, bring the points over the meat mixture, into the
middle, pressing them to each other, or tucking them under the dough..I usually press then all together.

LOL Baking temp is whatever the package is, and bake until golden brown..somewhere
around 20-30 minutes.. Slice and serve..

ETA the possibilities are endless here...i have done ham and cheese, Chicken taco, chicken, cheese, and broccoli! Be creative!! I think my next one will me Diana's meatballs, marinara and mozz cheese... LOL

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