Monday, March 17, 2008

Lumpia with Dipping Sauces

INGREDIENTS: 20-25 Lumpias
Lumpia with Dipping Sauces
1/2 lb. lean ground pork
1/2 lb. shrimp, raw, finely diced
2 each fresh garlic cloves, minced
2 cup carrot, fine julienne cut
2 cup celery, fine julienne
1 cup waterchesnuts finely diced
1 cup scallions, minced
3 tsp. soy sauce
to taste fresh ground black pepper
20-25 each lumpia wrappers (see notes)
1 each egg beaten
as needed vegetable oil for frying
garlic sauce
sweet and sour sauce

1. Prepare dipping sauces per recipe, reserve. In a large pan or skillet brown pork with onions and garlic, cook until done. Add shrimp and cook until opaque.
2. Add scallions, waterchestnuts, carrot and celery, sauté until tender. Season with Soy Sauce and fresh ground black pepper. Remove from heat and cool thoroughly.
3. Place 2-3 teaspoons of cooled mixture in the center of a lumpia wrapper. Brush edges with beaten egg. Fold nearest edge of wrapper over and roll halfway. Fold in sides; continue to roll and seal to form lumpia. Repeat until are lumpia are rolled.
4. Heat oil in a deep-sided pan to 375 degrees F. Fry lumpia until golden brown and crisp, approximately 3-4 minutes. Place on paper towels to drain. Serve hot with Garlic Sauce and Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Chef Larry's Notes
Lumpia wrappers are available in Filipino and Asian Markets. If not available eggroll wrappers may be substituted, however they do not cook up as crisp as lumpia wrappers. Lumpia filling can also be made with chicken, beef or vegetables. Lumpia can be made ahead and stored in the freezer.

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